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Safe in Saudi is an App developed to help travelers feel welcome and at home. Each person who downloads the app will complete a profile and be matched with a tour guide that is closest to their personality. People can do this individually or they can request a guide for a group. Each guide will be able to speak fluent English and answer all the questions you may have about Saudi Arabia. Once paired with a local, you will get the inside scoop on Saudi and learn more than you could imagine! Find your perfect guide, today!  


Sarah Gardner - TX, age 45

I absolutely loved my trip thanks to Safe with Saudi! My sister and I were paired with the most lovely lady who truly gave us a once in a lifetime experience! I felt so comfortable the whole time and would recommend this service to anyone!

Matt Fisher - CA, age 27

My wife and I had a blast with our tour guide, he showed us all the good places to eat! We will definitely use this service again! 

For graduation I wanted to travel someplace that I would learn something from. Safe with Saudi made my trip stress free and enjoyable. I had the best guide, and she even introduced me to some people my own age. It was really neat to talk and compare stories with the locals. 

Sophia Roberts - WI, age 22

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